Portugal 2030 in 3 minutes

What it is

Portugal 2030 puts into practice the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission to apply €23 billion of European funds to projects that stimulate and develop the Portuguese economy, between 2021 and 2027.

How it applies

The total amount available to fund projects will be distributed through programmes, organised by topics and regions.

It is as part of each programme that support will be created and the conditions to be met by those who wish to apply will be set.

Who can be supported

  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Local authorities and other public bodies
  • Cooperativas, associações, instituições particulares de Cooperatives, associations, private charitable institutions, and other private entities.

The beneficiaries of the support will be outlined in the opening notice for each application.

Areas to be supported


Portugal 2030 will support projects that help achieve:

A Smarter Portugal

Investing in research and innovation, digitisation, competitiveness and internationalisation of companies, skills for smart specialisation, industrial transition and entrepreneurship.

A more Connected Portugal

With strategic transport networks, based on a strong investment in railways, enhancing the mobility of people and goods, as well as the qualification of the territories, ensuring their attractiveness, competitiveness, and insertion in domestic and international markets.

Portugal Closer to citizens

Close to citizens, supporting development strategies at local level, promoting social and territorial cohesion, and supporting sustainable urban development, based on the concept of interconnected networks, centred on people’s needs.

A Greener Portugal

Geared towards the green transition, accompanying the climate emergency and incorporating the goals of decarbonisation, energy efficiency and strengthening of renewable energy, and supporting innovation, the circular economy and sustainable mobility.

A more Social Portugal

Supporting the improvement of the population’s qualifications, equal access to health care, promoting quality employment and social inclusion, following the priorities set in the European Pillar of Social Rights.


Portugal with a more Just transition

Ensuring that the transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral economy is just.

Governance Model

It defines which entities are assigned the responsibilities for the management of Portugal 2030.
Cohesion and Development Agency is responsible for the technical coordination of the programmes. Inspectorate General of Finance is responsible for auditing the implementation of the programmes. The programmes allocate funds by areas of activity (theme-based programmes) and by regions (regional programmes).

Cohesion and Development Agency

Technical coordination

Inspectorate General of Finance

Audit Entity



This amount comes from the five European funds that support Portugal 2030: