Learn about the contribution of European Territorial Cooperation to people’s quality of life

On 7 December, take part in the 'European Territorial Cooperation: Contribution to people's quality of life' Seminar, in Melgaço, where there will be a presentation of the projects developed in 2014-2020.
30 de November, 2023

On 7 December take part in the ‘European Territorial Cooperation: Contribution to people’s quality of life’ Seminar will take place at the School of Sport and Leisure in Melgaço.

This event will present projects developed under the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) 2014-2020 which contribute to people’s quality of life, including a debate on the issue of the appropriation of ETC results for public policies.

See the PROGRAMME here.

The meeting, organised by AD&C – Cohesion and Development Agency, through the Regional Dynamics Network (RDR 2030), kicks off at 10am and will be attended by the State Secretary for Regional Development, Isabel Ferreira.

AD&C will be represented by its Vice-President, Duarte Rodrigues, and by the Coordinator of the European Territorial Cooperation Centre, Raquel Rocha.

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Source: AD&C

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